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3 months ago
Metropolitan Kallistos

Are You Saved?

Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) answers this question from an Orthodox point of view.
4 months ago
What is the Orthodox Church?

What is the Orthodox Church?

What is the Orthodox Church? Answers to some common questions...
7 months ago

Lessons from the Holy Fathers on Fasting

What good is it if we abstain from eating birds and fishes, but bite and devour our brothers and sisters?
7 months ago
Lighting a candle

Great Lent

Contrary to what many think or feel, Lent is a time of joy!
8 months ago
What is the task?

What is the Task of Orthodox Christians Living in America?

We must witness Jesus Christ to this culture.
8 months ago
Saint Peter's and Hagia Sophia

The Great Schism

Abridged from The Orthodox Church by Bishop Kallistos (Ware) The Estrangement of Eastern and Western Christendom One summer afternoon in the year 1054, as a service was about to begin in the Church of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) at Constantinople, Cardinal […]
8 months ago
Holy Cross Monastery

From the Little Mountain: Reflections on Orthodox Christian Monasticism

Filmed and edited by the monks themselves, From the Little Mountain takes you through a year at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in West Virginia. Herein is portrayed some of the beauty and struggle of monastic life using quotes […]
8 months ago
Life Saver

“Save us”?

In hymns we sing, “Most holy Theotokos, save us.” Why does the Church ask a human to “save us”?
8 months ago
Image of saints from Jewish synagogue

When did Christians start asking saints for prayers?

by Father Gabriel Ridenour Prayers to the saints is a custom that originated not in paganism, but ancient Judaism, and was no doubt part of the oral apostolic tradition. In the Prayer of Azariah, verse 64, which is found in […]