Saint Joseph Orthodox Church is a community of Orthodox Christians who seek to worship the Holy Trinity in spirit and truth in Baroda, Michigan.

Our mission is to proclaim and live out the gospel of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ as it has been handed down to us since apostolic times. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, we:

• Worship in the fullness of joy and truth.

• Unite ourselves with Christ through sacramental life.

• Reach out and care for others in love.

By being faithful to this life, we are continually transformed into the Body of Christ, bringing the Kingdom of God to all.

We are a community of Orthodox Christians under the authority of The Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia working out our salvation together in Southwest Michigan. All through the year, but especially each Sunday we gather to worship the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to encourage each other in our faith, and to enjoy each other’s company. Our mission is to become Christ-like so that through our words and actions people around us will know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and savior of the world and that He loves all people. Services are in English and visitors are always welcome.

Our mission Church has been established to proclaim the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to all people, to teach by both word and deed, to inspire all to lead a life of Orthodox Christian belief, worship, and service to others.

“The end of the road of an Orthodox mission must however must be: the growth of an indigenous Church, which will sanctify and make proper use of all pure elements in the popular traditions, and will uphold and support the people’s personality.”

“…we must endeavor not only to ‘adapt,’ but to ‘incarnate’ the logos of God into the language and customs of the country; and the sanctification of the people’s characteristics, so that they may become truly themselves, develop their own voice and add their own contribution to the common doxological hymn – always in harmony with the praise of the whole Church.”

-Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana and All Albania from Mission in Christ’s Way