Saint Joseph Orthodox Church

Welcome to St Joseph Orthodox Church!

We’re glad you are here!

Whether you are an Orthodox Christian or new to Orthodoxy entirely, we’re glad that you’ve stopped by our website and hope that you’ll come and visit us in person if you haven’t done so already. Please feel free to join us for coffee hour immediately following the Liturgy.

A few quick notes for first-time visitors:

  • You are welcome! We love having visitors join us to worship the Holy Trinity in prayer and song.
  • We won’t make a spectacle of you or ask you to do anything uncomfortable.
  • There is no expectation on visitors for financial contribution to our parish’s ministries.
  • We love kids! Our children worship together with us—they are not segregated out during our services. If your child gets a bit out of hand, please do not feel embarrassed to step out briefly during the service.
  • Orthodox worship is different than any other kind of church service you may have attended. So don’t feel awkward! We are gathered together to worship our Lord – during our times of worship no one will be paying attention to what you are (or aren’t) doing. So feel free to worship with us as you can!